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Raise a glass. Build a Park. Come to the Summer Fund Raiser for Friends of West Edgewater Park Sunday, June 23. Marty's Martini Bar, 1511 W. Balmoral Ave., 2-5 pm. Help in the greening of our new park on the site of the old Edgewater Medical Center. Marty's Martini Bar will donate profits of all drinks purchased from 2-5 pm, Sunday, June 23rd.

Raise a glass. Build a park.

There is an update about the Summer Fund Raiser at Marty’s Martini Bar this Sunday between 2 and 5 PM.

Vea Cleary’s idea for an adaptive reuse of the EMC site continues to mature. A concept visualization done by Vea and her design team from marqardt+gridwerk (www.mpgwa.com) (www.gridwerkarch.com) was recently presented to Heartland Housing, a Heartland Alliance company (www.heartlandalliance.org).

From the alley west this plan is essentially identical to the current planned development proposal, which removes the buildings and parking garage west of the alley and replaces them with the neighborhood park and 19 single-family homes. From the alley east this plan differs from the current planned development proposal, which removes the existing buildings and replaces them with 12-story mixed-use building. For the existing buildings from the alley east to Ashland, this plan guts and re-purposes them as a community center and a senior LGBTQ-friendly residence.

This concept, or something like it, is being promoted and explored by both the design team at marqardt+gridwerk, a chicago interdisciplinary design and architecture firm, and Pappageorge Haymes (www.pappageorgehaymes.com), the well know architectural firm specializing in adaptive reuse, as well as Heartland Housing, a non-profit corporation experienced in acquisition, funding, and management for projects like these.

Members of the marqardt+gridwork design team plan to be at Marty’s this Sunday to show and discuss the concept visualization.

For more info about Heartland Housing’s LGBTQ-friendly project in Lakeview or adaptive reuse, please follow this link.

Hope to see you there.

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Raise a glass. Build a Park. Come to the Summer Fund Raiser for Friends of West Edgewater Park Sunday, June 23. Marty's Martini Bar, 1511 W. Balmoral Ave., 2-5 pm. Help in the greening of our new park on the site of the old Edgewater Medical Center. Marty's Martini Bar will donate profits of all drinks purchased from 2-5 pm, Sunday, June 23rd.

Raise a glass. Build a park.

Come to Marty’s Martini Bar on June 23rd at 2 PM for FoWEP’s 3rd Annual Summer Fundraiser.  We’ll be there between 2 and 5 sharing good drinks like the Parktini and talking about where things stand with the February 6th, 2013 offer — almost an entire acre for the Andersonville/West Edgewater neighborhood park — and how the site could be an excellent candidate for the adaptive reuse process.

Unlike the planned development proposal presented by Waveland Partners, which would demolish all of the existing structures on the site and put in their place the neighborhood park, 19 single-family homes, and a 12-story, mixed-use, commercial building with 214 rental apartments, Vea Cleary’s plan for an LGBTQ-friendly senior community relies on the adaptive reuse process.  In addition to a neighborhood park, Vea’s proposal also includes a range of community-accessible amenities such as a pool, fitness center, shops, and community meeting spaces.

At present only a few cities in the country have LGBTQ-friendly senior residences.  Here in Chicago, Heartland Housing and Center on Halsted broke ground in Lakeview on June 3rd on the Midwest’s first LGBTQ-friendly, affordable, senior, housing development.  Read more about this project, which includes the adaptive reuse of the historic 23rd District Town Hall Police Station, which was built in 1907, at these three links: (1) Windy City Media Group, (2) Archpaper, and (3) Architizer.  For more on the project in Lakeview use the search terms “gensler heartland housing”.

If you are not familiar with adaptive reuse, check out these two links: (1) Wikipedia, and (2) AdaptiveReuse.

Marty’s, which is located at 1151 W Balmoral Avenue, will donate 100% of the profit of all drinks served during the event to FoWEP.  Please let friends and neighbors know about it.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Vea Cleary, who proposed locating an affordable housing center for LGBTQ seniors on the EMC site last May, would like to meet with community members who are interested in helping shape the second iteration of her proposal.

A long time resident of Edgewater and a master’s candidate in interior design at Harrington College of Design, Vea’s initial plan would add to the Kadin Building, the former nurses’s residence, which is located at 1625 W Edgewater Ave. Like the Waveland Partners’ proposal for the site, her plan also includes a neighborhood park. For more details about her idea follow this link to a PDF copy of her site plan (12 MB file).

At last Wednesday night’s meeting, Alderman O’Connor indicated the city would be receptive to a project like Vea’s were a developer to be identified.

Vea will be at the Coffee Studio (5628 N Clark St) this Saturday the 16th from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. If you are interested in contributing ideas and/or feedback to the next version, or you just want to learn more about her proposal, she invites you to come by.


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We had another fun and profitable afternoon at Marty’s Martini Bar on May 20th.  Once again, owner Marty Rogo donated the profits from all drinks served between 2:00 to 5:00 that afternoon. We made $474 for our cause. Many thanks to Marty for hosting, and to everyone who stopped in.

Vea Cleary, a Master’s Candidate in Interior Design, was on hand to discuss her concept for renovating one of the Edgewater Medical Center buildings, transforming it into an LGBTQ-friendly seniors’ residence. The plan provides affordable housing and a range of community-accessible amenities, such as a pool, gym and a casual restaurant. Vea talked to almost everybody who walked through the door, generating lots of good buzz. Click here to see the banner she displayed showing her vision.

We also collected 15 signed letters asking Mayor Emanuel for his assistance with our project. We need his help to assure that the redevelopment plan for the former hospital site is balanced and includes a sizable neighborhood park. The letters are in the mail and on their way to his office.

Click the link below to see the letter. Please take a moment to print it, read it, sign it, and mail it to Mayor Emanuel.  Feel free to add remarks, or, if the letter inspires you to say something different–draft your own. Let Mayor Emanuel know his assistance would be greatly appreciated.  And if you hear back from him, please let us know what he said.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Marty’s Martini Bar – 1151 W Balmoral Ave

It was so much fun last fall we wanted to do it again.  Help turn the site of the former Edgewater Medical Center into much needed park space for the whole Andersonville/West Edgewater communnity to enjoy.  On Sunday, May 20th, between 2 and 5 PM have another Parktiniwith friends and neighbors at Marty’s Martini Bar – 1151 W Balmoral Ave.  Once again Marty’s is donating 100% of the profit of all drinks served during that time to Friends of West Edgewater Park.  Marty’s has an expansive selection of wine and liquor, as well as non-alcohol beverages.  Thirsty for more news about what is happening with the site, stop by with family, friends, and neighbors for a drink and an update.  Please share this announcement either by forwarding the email or by telling your friends and neighbors about the event.


  • Vea Cleary, a long time resident of Edgewater and current master’s candidate in interior design at Harrington College of Design, will be there to talk with those who would be interested in hearing about her bold ideas for a re-design of the Edgewater Medical Center site.  What does Vea propose?  Renovate one of the site’s buildings, partner it with a next generation building, locate in them an LGBTQ elders residential community center with affordable housing and a range of community-accessible amenities–pool, fitness center, shops–and set about them a neighborhood park.  Again, Vea, whose thesis has to do with community-driven exterior and interior design processes, is looking forward to the opportunity to talk with community members about her ideas, so do stop by.
  • Would you like to write a letter to Mayor Emanuel, but don’t have the time to craft one?  We will have a letter there.  You can sign and we’ll mail it for you.
  • Are you interested in getting involved, but don’t want to get overwhelmed?  If you could do just one specific task, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Did you know on March 12th Mayor Emanuel announced a citywide, $290 million, five year plan “to complete more than 800 projects in parks, recreational areas and green spaces in neighborhoods across the city.” and that then on March 29th in prepared remarks announcing a $7 billion investment in our city’s infrastructure he further defined his goals:

We have to renew the parks that root us in our neighborhoods.  These investments mean that in five years, every Chicagoan will live within a 10-minute-walk to an improved neighborhood park. Our parks and playgrounds will be catalysts for stronger communities and a better quality of life for all of Chicago’s families.

If you’d like to read more, here are links to his press releases: March 12th and March 29th.

This Just In

It is our understanding Alderman O’Connor is calling a community meeting regarding the EMC property for Thursday, June 7th at 7pm at the Bingo Hall at St. Gregory’s. This should be a significant meeting because not only are the two partners from Waveland Partners–the development firm hired by the EMC Bankruptcy Estate to put together a marketing plan for the EMC property–scheduled to be there, but also because in December of 2011 the law firm representing the EMC Bankruptcy Estate requested of the bankruptcy court an extension of the time it has to resolve the bankruptcy from December 31, 2011 till June 29, 2012.  Save the date: June 7th at 7 P.M.  More to follow soon.

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